Gaming Monitor Buying Guide

Gaming monitors offer a unique experience to suit the needs of all players looking for a comprehensive multi-media experience. However, buying a gaming monitor is probably one of the most confusing things that most gamers go through. Finding the best monitor for your money is challenging especially if you are working with a limited budget. However, with the help of a comprehensive gaming monitor buying guide, you will find a good quality monitor at an affordable price in no time. Some of the aspects you should consider when shopping for these monitors include:



It goes without saying that price is a primary consideration when shopping for a gaming monitor. The prices of these monitors vary widely with some monitors costing as little as $100 while others cost over $1000. The price of these monitors is usually a depiction of the quality and uniqueness of the monitor. In most cases, cheap monitors are very poor in quality. Therefore, if you want a monitor with a high resolution, then you must be willing to spend a little more than you would for an average monitor.


The inputs in a gaming monitor determine the type and number of equipment you can hook to the monitor. Most monitors support the soon to be outdated VGA input in addition to other digital inputs like HDMI, DVI, and Display Port. Monitors with multiple inputs are the best choice since they allow you to plug in several devices at the same time. HDMI and Display Port are the most useful connectors on gaming monitors, and you should avoid monitors without either of these two inputs. The inputs allow users to combine audio and video using one cable.


Screen Type

When buying a gaming monitor, always keep in mind that the performance (display) of the screen should be a major consideration. The greatest deciding factor when determining the best screen type to purchase is the panel technology.

You can also check whether the gaming monitor of choice has inbuilt speakers for a casual listening experience. However, you should not expect the sound quality of these speakers to be good. As such, it is better to connect an external audio device such as a home theater sound system.

Screen Size & Design

It is advisable to opt for a large screen size as such screens are more fun and exciting for gaming. However, if you have space limitations, then you can opt for a smaller screen size. Any screen size above 23” is ideal for gaming. In addition, the design of the monitor should also be considered when purchasing gaming monitors. Always settle for a classy and unique design that comes with a modern technology finishing. Such designs are usually very attractive.